Hij gaat vissen Astrid Oudheusden

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Art, fashion & design tour ~ Photography ~ Products ~ Performance

Contemporary Art gallery tour

Holland is famous for the light. Rembrandt painter in the golden age,
did not had the need to go and work in other countries.
Since the light that shined here, gave him enough inspiration.
Lots of other artists came here to work and get inspiration.
We guide you past a series of beautiful and unknown
contemporary art galleries and artspots from
the range of high end art and off the grid.
A special experience and view into Amsterdam contemporary art culture.


Dutch fashion started with the folklore.
The Dutch wives made the clothes themselves.
Always trying to keep the fabric in one piece without cutting into it.
One of the reasons was Dutch stinginess.
Recycle in those days were already a top priority!
We will show fashion from the range of clothes, shoes and accessories.
This is an absolutely fabulous tour.

Design tour

Various reasons are given why the Dutch are driven in design
Due to the fact the Dutch can make water out of land
and in this way create all that is needed.
Due to our way of communication “het poldermodel” in which every voice
needs to be heared during the process.
Which makes the endresult in a mutual descion.
We will take you at designed buildings and shops, from the old days till now.
An visual exeprience of Amsterdam.


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"Nomads of heart"

work: Astrid Oudheusden " He is going to fish".