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In the Yoga classes the focus is on stretching, strengthening and relaxing the body.
They aim to help practioners find balance in body, mind, spirit and heart.
Smaller classes can be tailored to meet specific needs of clients

Various forms of Yoga are used.

Ideally, it would be nice to have a room available inside
the company or the hotel where these classes can be given.

It is also possible to give individual lessons in
the rooms of the hotel guests.

We also work with personal trainers and pilates teachers.

Running clinics
During the running clinic you learn that it is important, to have a clear understanding of
what is involved with running and with the fun of it. For beginners, as well as (semi) advanced.
Building condition, lose weight, de-stress, improve your running technique.
It is
also a nice way to discover the city Amsterdam.

Near Amsterdam, we also offer windsurfing classes.

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Yoga private lessons in-room Hotel Amsterdam